Stylebook – Styleguide for Framer

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Kick-off your Framer projects with ease. With the Stylebook.

The Stylebook was created to get you started very fast with all the basics of your Framer website projects. You just need to adapt the branding of your project to the styles and you will have them accessible globally in your design file.

Define your basic styles such as colors, typography, shadows, buttons, and form elements in just one place. Afterward, you can just copy them to your wished elements. Text styles are connected to the global styles inside Framer. Buttons are implemented out of the box with Framers Interactive Components feature and are interactive.

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Includes the following features and advantages:

  • Color guidelines
  • Font-styles
  • Shadows
  • Icon libraries
  • Button components
  • Can be adapted easily with new guidelines, elements and components
  • Free updates for future optimizations of the template

See what you will get, you won't regret it:

View the demo

Requires a free Framer account to edit and publish.

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After purchase you will be redirected to the template in Framer. You’ll also receive an email with a link to the template.

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